Guy H. Benjamin

Me and My Beloved Virgin
and More Tales for Me and My Beloved Virgin
Guy H. Benjamin

Guy H. Benjamin was born and raised on East End of St. John.  He is a master story teller.  His book is entertaining and informative.  In a style uniquely his own, Benjamin expounds on the sunny days spent enjoying the warm tropical climate, the harsh fury of a particularly violent hurricane, the taste of the local cuisine, and the social dynamics of his small community, where everyone was familiar and few secrets went undisclosed.

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I was at home on St. John at home during the past Easter vacation.  I had gone to the Emmaus Moravian Church to practice on the organ there, since someone had borrowed(never to return) the speakers form the tone cabinet of my Hammond.  On my way back, I must pass the Guy H. Benjamin Elementary School.  A lady is taking a picture of the school and I stop, so as not to break up her camera.  "Please come in and pose for me," she asked.  "Certainly, on condition you'll send me a picture," I replied.  "Done," she said.  She took the picture and she requested my name and address.  I had a package of mail on me, and I said to her, "Bet you aren't going to believe this," as I tore off the mailing label from a letter.  She looked at the name, she looked at me, she looked at the school's name.  She then looked again, in the opposite order.  "No," she said, "but I still don't believe it."  Then she put her worst fears into words.  "You are telling me that this school is named after you?"  "Yes," I replied quietly.  A month later, I received the picture and a letter.  She still doesn't believe it consciously.  One day it might strike her as being really true.
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